loyalty selected illustration designEvery manufacturer in the heating and air conditioning industry recommends annual maintenance. What many homeowners do not realize is that in the fine print of their warranties, they are required to maintain their equipment for the manufacturer’s warranty to remain valid. By signing up for our Preferred Customer Agreement, you will save money on your monthly utility bills, extend the life of your mechanical equipment, ensure safe operation of your HVAC system and validate your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement:

  • Saves you money on your monthly utility bills

  • Extends the life of your mechanical equipment

  • Ensures the safety in operation of your heating system

  • Ensures the safe operation of your HVAC system

  • Gives you priority status on service calls

  • Gives you a 24 hour a day, live person answering and dispatching technicians

  • Provides all NATE certified technicians

Our Preferred Customers Receive:

  • 5% discount off new heating and/or air conditioning equipment

  • 15% discount off parts and labor on service

Heating System

  1. Check carbon monoxide levels

  2. Inspect and adjust gas pressure

  3. Check and tighten electrical connections

  4. Measure and ensure proper temperature rise

  5. Clean and adjust burner assembly

  6. Clean and adjust ignition assembly

  7. Clean blower wheel and housing assembly “as needed”

  8. Inspect safety controls

  9. Lubricate all moving parts “where applicable”

  10. Visually inspect heat exchanger

  11. Inspect pilot operation; adjust as necessary

  12. Check airflow

  13. Monitor heating cycle

  14. Inspect and test for safe and proper operation

  15. Inspect inlet/exhaust pipes

  16. Measure volts and amps on motor

  17. Review and adjust thermostat settings

Furnace Maintenance

  1. Heat exchanger of Furnace will be visually inspected internally and externally.

  2. Furnace Burners will be inspected and cleaned as necessary.

  3. Gas Furnace and Furnace Thermocouple will be inspected.

  4. Fan switch will be checked and adjusted as needed.

  5. Furnace Pilot orifice will be cleaned and pilot flame adjusted as necessary.

  6. Safety controls will be operationally checked.

  7. Blower wheel will be cleaned as necessary.

  8. Blower bearings will be inspected and lubricated (if applicable).

  9. Blower belt and pulleys will be inspected (if applicable).

  10. Motor(s) will be cleaned and lubricated (if applicable).

  11. Combustion air openings will be checked.

  12. Flue pipe will be inspected for deterioration.

  13. Gas Furnace Exhaust system will be checked for proper draft.

  14. All panels will be properly secured.

  15. Thermostat will be checked and calibrated as required.

  16. Temperatures and performance will be recorded.

  17. Condensate trap and drain will be cleaned (if applicable).

  18. Furnace Carbon monoxide levels will be checked.

  19. Gas Furnace pressures will be checked and adjusted as needed.

  20. Homeowner will be advised of any abnormal conditions or necessary repairs to their Furnace System.

Cooling System

  1. Check refrigerant pressures “refrigerant not included”

  2. Check temperature rise/drop over coil

  3. Check and clean condenser coil

  4. Check blower operation

  5. Lubricate all moving parts

  6. Inspect filter

  7. Check suction line temperature

  8. Clean drain lines

  9. Check crankcase heater for proper operation

  10. Inspect relays and contactors for proper operation

  11. Check operation of air conditioning equipment

  12. Review and adjust thermostat settings

Air Conditioning Peak Performance 17-Point Maintenance Schedule

  1. Air Conditioner Condenser coil will be tested for heat transfer loss.

  2. Blower wheels and fans will be inspected and cleaned to assure proper air delivery.

  3. Air Conditioner Refrigerant will be checked for proper charge.

  4. Exposed duct work will be checked for leaks and proper insulation.

  5. Belts and pulleys will be inspected and adjusted as required.

  6. Thermostat(s) will be checked and calibrated as required.

  7. Air Conditioner motors and bearings will be lubricated as required.

  8. Controls and safeties will be tested.

  9. Condensate drain line and fittings will be checked and cleaned as required.

  10. Crankcase heater will be checked for proper operation.

  11. Relays and contractors will be inspected.

  12. Air Conditioner System wiring will be inspected.

  13. Economizer operation will be checked, where applicable.

  14. Temperatures and pressures will be checked.

  15. Evaporator coil will be inspected annually.

  16. Condenser coil(s) will be washed.

  17. Homeowner will be advised of any abnormal conditions or necessary repairs required for Air Conditioner.

All scheduled maintenance to be performed during FLARE’s normal business hours.

Maintenance is recommended and available on these heating & cooling accessory products:

  • Air Exchanger (Fall and Spring)

  • Electronic Air Cleaner (Fall and Spring)

  • Humidifier (Fall and Spring)

  • Zoning System (Fall and Spring)

  • UV Light (Fall and Spring)

  • Boiler System (Fall and Spring)

Service Agreement for a Maintenance Contract with FLARE Heating and Air Conditioning

  1. This Agreement provides 1 Cooling (spring) Inspection(s) and 1 Heating (fall) Inspection(s) per year.

  2. This Agreement provides priority service. FLARE Heating will respond to the Costumer’s request for emergency service before providing service to any customer who does not have a Service Agreement.

  3. Upon completion of each Peak Performance Inspection, FLARE Heating and Air Conditioning will advise homeowner of any defects found and any recommended corrective action needed.

  4. Inspections are intended to help Customer keep utility and repair costs as low as possible, while preserving equipment reliability and life.

  5. Occupant comfort will always be a primary consideration.

  6. The Customer shall operate the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and promptly notify FLARE Heating of any abnormal conditions.

  7. Any additional services that are not part of this agreement, shall be billed at the prevailing time and material rate.

Customer to provide access for maintenance during FLARE’s normal business hours.





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